Children and Medicine – Tips to Help the Medicine Go Down

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One of the most baffling and defenseless sentiments as a parent comes when your kid is wiped out and explicitly won’t take the medication that you realize will assist with improving her. In the event that you’re one of these guardians and have a flighty youngster who won’t take medication of any sort, don’t freeze. There are some innovative techniques that work.

My little girl is very delicate to tastes and scents. It has consistently been hard to get her to take any medication orally, or even topically assuming it has any sort of scent. The main medication she would take orally as a child was colic reliever since she cherished its flavor. Colic medicine is given for the help of minor stomach disturbs like colic, issues, tooting and hiccups and can be bought all things considered drug stores and wellbeing stores. I enjoy taken benefit of this during that time and utilized it as a guide in regulating a few prescriptions to her like an enemy of nauseant or acetaminophen. Most meds for kids do arrive in an assortment of flavors and structures including fluid, chewable tablets and suppositories. In case you observe one isn’t working with your kid continue to switch flavors and structures until you observe one to be that he/she will think about taking. Here are a few thoughts that worked for me in addition to more incredible ideas from different moms I addressed.

Fluid Medicine:

Assuming your youngsters run each time they see the Medicines medication dropper take a stab at giving the fluid on a great spoon that has their beloved person on it. Measure the medication first in the medication dropper and move it to their beloved spoon. Assuming you don’t have a most loved spoon yet go on an exceptional shopping binge and have them choose the spoon they like. This places a component of fun into taking the medication.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the dropper, get the fluid into the side cheek region where they will not let it out with such ease. The top of the mouth or on the tongue is exceptionally delicate to taste and contact which might make the kid gag or let it out.

Sandra, a mother of two youngsters younger than six, had this plan to share.

“My child consistently takes his medication through a straw,” she says.

Sue has three youngsters and struggles persuading her 10 year old child to take pills.

“He actually won’t take pills and will just take medication in fluid structure. This can get very expensive since he really wants to take a greater amount of the fluid as indicated by his age and weight.”


Suppositories are delicate containers which soften when embedded into the rectum. These can be an effective other option in the event that your kid can’t keep anything in the stomach. On the off chance that your youngster fears the suppositories have a go at embedding them while he is snoozing. In the event that he is a substantial sleeper he will not feel a thing. In the event that he awakens it’s for the most part after the suppository has as of now been embedded and the main thing left to do is to comfort him.

Chewable Tablets:

Chewable tablets are well known for the 2 – 12 age bunch. They come in various flavors and structures, for example, “softchews” that break up rapidly in the mouth so the taste and surface doesn’t wait (or before the kid gets an opportunity to let it out!). To assist with the customary chewable tablets take a stab at providing your kid with a touch of natural product like banana or strawberry to bite with the tablet. For more established kids who are figuring out how to swallow pills eating a banana or taking a teaspoon of mayonnaise subsequently will assist with sliding it down.