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Learn The Tricks Of Football For Mastering It

Football is a game played between teams having 11 players each and on a field of 100 yards in length. Injury is the major concern for parents in not allowing children from playing the game. Proper training is important for excelling in the game for laying a solid base for kids interested in playing football.

Kids Football

The basics of the game need to be understood for playing the game properly. The game’s objective lies in moving the ball along the field by running and passing. The team which attacks get four chances for advancement of the ball. Points are scored by crossing the line of the goal. 6 points are awarded to the team at touchdown. Kicking the ball in the goal line, results in a field goal.

Kids Plays In Football

Different positions and formations are mentioned below for proper understanding of the game.


Three quarterbacks from the back are lined parallel to scrimmage lines in this form. The opposite teams defence is attacked by running and passing, thus keeping the defence engaged. Running sweeps are permitted in this form. Hit passes are enabled by three backs, receiver and tight end.


Lining up the fullback behind quarterbacks is done in this form. This is considered as the best form used by lining both fullback as well as running back behind quarterbacks. The opposition finds it difficult to protect passes in this form.


This form has variations. The Delaware Wing-T is the standard form. Running and passing is carried out effectively in this form. The wing-back is lined on outer sides of tight ends. The opposite side of tight ends is where the split ends wide receiver is positioned. The fullback is behind the quarterback. The halfback is positioned on the weaker side of the full-back.

4-3 Defense

Players are needed to line up with the 3 linebackers and the 4 www.ufabet down linemen. Two ends and two tackles form 4 down linemen. 2 linebackers are placed outside and one in the middle. The linebackers need to be strong for getting through the tight ends and fullbacks.

5-2 Defense

The plays of football are run from the 2 linebackers and 5 linemen positions. This form is useful for countering the running of players on opposite teams.

Football is also called youth football for making players agile. The players need to be fast for making aggressive movements. A new format such as the 5-a-side game is also getting popular. But, all the formats need proper training.