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Troubleshooting And Repairing Dim Display Problem In BenQ FP71G+ 17″ LCD Monitor

Regularly for this BenQ FP71G+ LCD Monitor with the model of Q7T4 the significant grumbling was show shows up for some time and afterward closure (cut off) however for this unit the objection was faint showcase! That implies you don’t get the opportunity to see the splendid BenQ logo the second power is “On”. Assuming you take a gander at the screen intently you could really see the image with the exception of that the showcase is extremely dull. Assuming you could see the presentation, this implies that the Main board, power board and the LCD Panel are working!

There could be two reasons, it is either the backdrop illuminations have issue or the inverter board is defective. Since a large portion of the LCD Monitors in the market have top and base backdrop illuminations, opportunities for both the top and the base backdrop illuminations flopped simultaneously is exceptionally thin. Because of this portrayal, I have wiped out backdrop illuminations as the reason for the issue. So my fixation will be in the inverter board. Presently this suspicion went over my brain even before the LCD Monitor cover was taken out! It is great to accept and expect which circuit that causes the issue as this will persuade you significantly more assuming the supposition that is right. Numerous ideas emerged from your brain and you need to choose for something good. In the event that the supposition that isn’t right, you need to ask yourself is there at any rate you can further develop it. Try not to place an excess of strain on yourself in the event that the supposition that is misguided from what you have expected, as gaining from our own errors is the best aide for us!

The second the metal packaging was taken out, I could plainly see a consumed mark encompassing a semiconductor situated at the inverter board region. My supposition that was correct with regards to the inverter circuit shortcoming and upon close investigation; the somewhat dull semiconductor has the part number of FQU11P06. It is a P-channel FET semiconductor and it very well may be supplanted with part number FU9024N. The region presently has obscured and on the off chance that you straightforwardly introduce another semiconductor in it, I accept the obscured region could cause irregular issue or Display Reparatur complete annihilation again to the new semiconductor! Why? It is on the grounds that the obscured region has become carbonized and current can stream to different circuits making the semiconductor go shorted once more. To kill this issue, one needs to scrap off the obscured region and because of the board is so delicate; the main way you can do is to make one opening nearby. Clean the region with more slender and introduce the new semiconductor and it ought not have issue after that.

Something else that emerges to me was is it the actual semiconductor has issue that goes shorted and consumed the board or different parts disappointment that made the semiconductor go shorted? I started to check the encompassing parts that have connection with the consumed semiconductor and observed the tuning capacitor ESR esteem have expanded, one of the push pull semiconductor (C5707) shorted and the Pico intertwine open circuit! Upon close examination of the capacitor, I could see swell at one side of the capacitor. The worth of this awful plastic film polyester type capacitor is .22 uf 160 Volts. In the event that you test this capacitor with a computerized capacitance meter, it would show around .2 uf which you might believe is OK. On the off chance that you didn’t supplant this capacitor, the recently introduced semiconductor (FQU11P06) would certainly consume once more. For your data, any non extremity capacitors that have the worth of or higher than .1uf (104), other than test it with computerized capacitance and simple meter, I will likewise utilize ESR meter to check the ESR worth of the capacitors as well. In the above case, the terrible cap has 47 ESR Ohm and the great one has 7.2 ESR Ohm!

Do you have at least some idea that, assuming you claimed either the dick smith or the Blue ESR meter by weave parker, other than testing the electrolytic capacitor, you can likewise utilize it to test on the non extremity capacitor as well? In any case, the non extremity capacitor esteem must me around .1uf or higher. The ESR meter can’t test any worth which is lower than that. On the off chance that you don’t have any ESR meter, I surmise this is the time now to contribute one to accelerate your maintenance. With the assistance of ESR meter, I have tackled bunches of irregular issue brought about by capacitors. Some discontinuous capacitor issue can’t be uncovered with the assistance from applying cooler and hotness however shockingly it very well may be found broken by utilizing ESR meter-this truly astounded me! To purchase the Blue ESR meter, you can tap on the connection here Blue ESR meter.